2006 is going to be an interesting year.

ok, we are just into the second week of 2006 and i already know two things:
it’s going to be the best year of my life.
it’s going to be the hardest year of my life.

here’s the rough plan as it shaping up thus far:

13th – my mum flys down south to spend a few weeks with her mum- benita and i look after my dad.
from 13th to the 21st – photographing kids here on the Gold Coast
22nd – fly down to Melbourne and then to Geelong.
from 23rd to March 10th – doing contracted photography, photographing schools around victoria.
26th – Australia Day. Launch the new indamidst.com, listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100
from 10th to the 12th – fly back to Gold Coast for the weekend.
18th – wedding in Geelong Ben & Lisa
1st – Benita and Drum fly down to Geelong for two weeks.
5th – Benita turns 27- party in Geelong.
12th – wedding in Geelong Joanne & Allan
13th – the paines’ fly back to Gold Coast.
from 15th to 25th – photographing kids here on the Gold Coast.
18th – i turn 34 – b and i go away for the weekend.
26th- Fly out of Australia – into L.A. and then fly into Nashville – Stay with Adam & Brandy Lester
1st – GMA Music Week – Nashville TN – in the hotel with the illect crew.
6th – Drive to Rochester MN with Josh N.
16th- Fly out of Rochester MN into Atlanta GA – Stay with Ward & Andrea Jenkins
20th – Fly out of Atlanta GA into Seattle WA – Stay with Jon & Joy Madison
27th – Fly out of Seattle WA into L.A. CA – Stay with Kirby & Sonci Lancaster
4th – Fly out of L.A. CA back home to Australia.
? – wedding in Wollongong New South Wales- Diego’s
June & July
a few weddings in Melbourne.
a family trip to Sydney, catching up with all the Sydney crew
the two months will be spent mostly photographing kids here on the Gold Coast
4th – benita and i celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss
photographing & a few mustard releases.
3rd – Benita gives birth to our second child, hopefully a girl.
later in September, road manage a short tour with some hip-hop artists around Australia
28th – 2nd October – Blackstump Music Festival / Mustard Tent.
28th – 2nd October – Blackstump Music Festival / Mustard Tent.
heaps of website / hosting renewal due this month.
Weddings in Melbourne / Geelong
25th – i am organizing christmas for my side of the family up here on the Gold Coast.
29th – we fly down to Geelong – spend family time with benita’s side.
31st – drummond turns 3.


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