i love the wonderful people of the USA…
but sometimes i get tired of having american’s thinking that i live on some little island out there….

Areas in Square Kilometers / Miles:

Australia: 7,686,849 KM / 2,967,909 Miles
USA: 7,827,620 KM / 3,022,261 Miles


and just for interest sake-
here are the square kilometers of each Australia State/Territory:
West Australia: 2,527,632
Queensland {my state!}: 1,727,530
Northern Territory: 1,347,525
South Australia: 984,381
New South Wales: 801,431
Victoria: 227,619
Tasmania: 68,331

OTHER COUNTRIES: {in kilometers}
Austria: 83,849
England: 130,367
France: 547,028
Germany: 356,702
Greece: 131,944
Holland: 36,158
Italy: 301,224
Poland: 312,522
Spain: 504,746
Sweden: 499,792
Switzerland: 41,287
Japan: 372,313
New Zealand: 268,675

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