today – 26th january – is “Australia Day”.
On January 26, 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and became its first Governor.

this morning we got up early and headed over to Labrador with my dad {that’s poppy/pops/pop to the kids} and met up with Aaron, Michelle and Elijah Spence at a big australia Day breakfast put on by the northern churches of Gold Coast… best thing: it was free.
it was pretty big, heaps of people getting a free breaky and a few jumping castles etc for the kids, channel 9 was wandering around and the local christian radio station was there too.
there was an occasional bit of “entertainment” on the “bill newman” trailer/stage. the good old “set free” church put on a couple of rappers and dancers. there was one little blonde dude who had a descent flow and rhymed in an aussie accent, and he could actually half way hold a tune and had a couple of ok breaking moves. i went up and said g’day after they performed, gave him a business card and told him to contact me, wonder if he will… you never know he could be amazingly talented and had an “ok” day at 8am in the morning, or he could be no talented and had the greatest performance of his life.

-well, the rest of the day has been spent {and will continue to be spent} listening to the world’s biggest public voted top 100 song broadcast: triple j’s hottest 100 {i voted for the winnie coopersrhubarbleo nine and sufjan stevens.}

and – as always – hanging at home with benita and drum…
hopefully tonight we’ll make home made hamburgers with oodles of fresh salad…
ahhhhhhhh….. i loves me some australia day action!

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