email email email?

ok so i have a LOT of different email address’….

basically because i have / manage so many websites.

then i’ve also got my gmail address- djp1972 [at symbol] – at home in front of my regular mac i run my email iMap styles. it’s sweet, all sorted in to acounts and folders. i have my message rules running in the mac mail app and it’s cool. but over the last 4 months i’ve been mostly away from my HQ and i use my webmail for each email address… anyhoo- it’s a pain logging into each seperate email address… so i am experimenting changing some of my emails into forward only address’ to my main email which is d [at symbol] – i’ll let you know how it goes… if you’ve got any great suggestions – let me know.


ok i am about to out geek myself here….

if you want to email me – the UBER email is now d [at symbol]

but you can also pick any of the following and it will get to me:

use the follwing prefixes:

d / djp / djp72

@ any of the following domains:

too easy! just mix your favourite nam/nickname/prefix {3 to choose from} and your favourite domain name/suffix {only 18 to choose from} – that makes about 54 email address’!

for example you can have or or …. etc

choose your own email for me! it will all get to me now!

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