we had a great time on the weekend by the way.

this picture was taken in wollongong. just around the corner from hoodsta’s place….

we had a great time on the weekend…

May 4 – we flew out from avalon geelong and into sydney- hoodsta picked us up and we drove back down to his place in wollongong, we got there late and his wifey Tammy was still up studying.

May 5 – we just hung out with the hoodsta kidd at his place, i trie tweeking his old computer to make it go better.. we then caught up with Diego and Marina – i was doing their wedding pictures the next day. we had lunch with them and then helped them move some stuff into the church which is the old regent theatre in the middle of wollongong city. then we got ready and went out with h & t to the “Gala cinema” in warawong, old friends Mikey/Jesta and his beautiful wife Sophia came too, we saw “mission impossible 3″ which was actually pretty good. then had some great pizza and then found a little bakery open at 11:00pm – brilliant.

May 6 – the big wedding day. i’ll have a gang of the pictures online soon. test run for my new canon 5D. the “reception” was in lunar park sydney at night. great. then went home withWizdm {who was at the wedding} and stayed at his place.

May 7 – hanging with wiz at his place. the after lunch the big In Da Midst Sydney Barby over at Parramatta – where we are starting Krosswerdz “church”. it was one of the best IDM get togethers ever. amazing. over 51 people {not counting all the kids}. wizdm and i stayed up for a bit listening to tracks and planning and dreaming of new projects.

May 8 – got up VERY EARLY to get to the sydney airport by 5:30am. flew out at 6:30am. arrived in Avalon at 8am. and then waited an HOUR for my mother in law to get to the airport with drummond… {lateness is not one of my favourite things} – we had a paine family reunion with the 3 of us…

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