another 26 hours left in victoria.

well, we are down to our last day or so left down here…

the schedule goes a little like this: soon: family dinner- try and teach my parents in law how to use the internet – drive to melbourne and take b to see the last show of “the lion king” in melbourne – come back to geelong – maybe catch up with kirby lancaster for a very late night cup of insomnia coffee – get a little sleep – wake up very early – finish doing a wedding proof album – finish packing – leave geelong at about 12:30pm and drive to melbourne airport – fly out at 2:45pm on jetstar and arrive home on the gold coast around 5pm….
it’s been an interesting time down here… and a long time down here… i don’t think we will ever do anything like this again, contracting work away from home for this long. way too hard. and also in so many ways i feel like i have “moved on” from being in geelong. {take that how you will all my beloved “geelongians” i don’t mean it to be a dis on your fair town} i know that geelong will always be like a sort of “home” for me… i mean you don’t spend over 10 years of your life somewhere without having some sort of love for the place, but you know, i have never considered myself a victorian/ geelong local/ part of the place- i have always been a queenslander sojourning in a foreign land… and i feel like a lot of the people and things and places and even friendships that were part of my life down here are already beginning to fade from my heart. i am someone that likes to stay in touch with people. i am the dude that usually calls first or visits first, the guy who makes it happen {and by “it” i mean in this case a friendships/relationships}. but you know out of all my myriad of friends and vast sea of people i know and really like, i can count on one hand how many of those stay in touch with me with the same level of “intensity” {for want of a better word}

props go to those who immediately spring to mind- mistery, wizdm, jolane, simon, mikey/jesta, aaron…

now i know some would say, “well doesn’t that tell you something? either about them or you – i mean if people don’t want to keep in contact with you, it’s either because of:

  1. they are too busy.
  2. they don’t care about ya.
  3. they are slack.
  4. you suck.
  5. all of the above “

and i think, depending on the person, that any/some/all of those points can be valid. but i am slowly learning to let go of those people and friendships that in your heart of hearts you feel are one sided. if someone doesn’t care enough to call, email or even text message once in a while then am i casting my pearls before swine?

still learning.

still letting go.

still saying goodbye to geelong….

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