Things I Love Thursday: 21 December 06: Vintage Sesame Street.

let me just say, that this discovery has brought me a lot of joy in my old heart…

tueday, i had to go to the post office and benita asked me to swing past the local IGA shops for some milk and some butter… so i said {as i always do}:
“a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter! i remembered!”
and as usual benita just looks at me funny…
so i took drummond with me on the errands and we repeated the mantra:
“a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter! i remembered!”
drummond thought it was funny and we got the stuff at the shops and we came home…

now to those of you thinking i am on drugs – let me explain;
back in the 70’s sesame street was way cooler and had some really cool hip animation pieces about… all sorts of weird stuff.
one piece that stayed with me always was one that had this crazy stylized minimal animation, sort jazzy hep cat style, about this african american mother and daughter, obviously in new york, and the mother asks the daughter to go to the store and buy her a list of things….


once i got back i thought: “i wonder if anyone else remembers that, or ever thinks of it…”
so i did a google seach….

holy moly.

and that lead me to the amazing world of vintage 70’s sesame street on YouTube.
and i have been having a ball with drummond.
i grew up on this stuff. seriously. litterally.

check it…

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