thinking about my family tree…

been messing with again,
and i’ve been meditating on this thing called life, who i am, humanity and what was God thinking when He set these wheels in motion?

i blew my mind when i actually thought about my own family tree, my ancestors…
everytime i think of a “family tree” i think of tracing it back to one person…
you know; it looking like a pyramid, one ancestor on top and the tree spreads out on the bottom,
when i actually started working on this i realized it was the opposite, sort of.
think with me for a second:
i have 2 parents.
they each have 2 parents, so i have 4 grandparents.
then each of my 4 grandparents have 2 parents, so i have 8 great grandparents,
and then one generation up from that- i have 16 great great grandparents.
i have 32 great great great grandparents
i have 64 great great great great grandparents
i have 128 great great great great great grandparents.

so only going back 6 “generations” i come from 128 people.

i had never thought about that before, and when i finally realized that – it blew my mind.

i wonder at what point it starts to taper back in…
because i believe we all are descended from Noah and his wife –
{ but even if you disregard the bible and think we came from ? it still would have to work this way…}
at some point the going back generations would stop doubling and start halving again to head back to the one set of parents.
wow, that would be some family tree to see.

rough idea of what i’m talking about – i am at the bottom- noah at the top…

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