the big canvas print – part one

we {djp photography} are taking part in a big parenting expo next month {more about that soon}. and i want to get a BIG print on canvas – stretched over a frame for our stand at the expo. black and white.
so i decided to do something i can hang in our home afterwards, i got the boys and the studio lights out yesterday afternoon and took a whole stack of shots.
after going through the shots with benita in iPhoto and rating them while watching it in a slideshow. we came up with two pictures we thought would work both as a great display and also something we could live with afterwards:

in the first shot galvin looks like he’s having a ball: {drum looks a little too cool for school here}

in the 2nd image drummond is smiling naturally but galvin looks like a stunned mullet.

so my mission was to combine the two in photoshop.
now i’m no photoshop expert by any stretch of the imagination, but i know how to do make the image look like i want.
so i used the good old cloning tool and did some tricky painting, i also blurred out the background, bumped the contrast a little and brightened the eyes a tiny bit….
i feel like i’m doing one of those “can you spot the 10 differences in this scene?” puzzles-

i’ve yet to get into black and white, but i thought i’d fill you in a little on the canvas mission part one.
i think i’ll be using this image on a bunch of our advertising for the expo…

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