djp podcast 01: dert floyd

on this – episode 01 of the all new djp podcast i want to let you know about a free album you can download, legally, by my man in California; DERT.

now for the record i hate Pink Floyd, i never got the point of this over the top, over bloated, self important group… sure i liked the trippy album covers and i know a bunch of their classic hits because of the radio, but trying to sit through any of their albums was like torture for me! so many of my good friends over the years have tried to educate me with the ways of the floyd, most notably Matt Jacoby from the bandSons Of Korah but to no avail. i just don’t get it….

enter DERT, who has taken pink floyd’s back catalogue and gone ballistic on it….
i showcase snippets of 4 tracks from this very cool album…

The all new, all FREE, beat tape featuring 34 tracks showcasing samples from the Pink Floyd discography!

• (where dert is artist of the month)

• (go to the A-Z section and scroll down to D)

• or for instant gratification, a direct sendspace link!

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