in love with: vimeo

 now for some serious love and devotion…


for those that know me and my web loving ways, or you’ve listened to the mustard flava podcast before, you know that i have a major “thing” for the video sharing and storage site VIMEO.

i’ve been a dedicated vimeo user {or vimeonatti} since October 2005 at which point vimeo was just turning one year old. hard to believe now, but back then {october ’05} YouTube was just beginning to get going and was only 6 months old. sad to see the far superior vimeo get “beaten” even though it had such a massive head start… but then again, it’s a totally different animal. after i had been using it and doing research for nearly 3 months i wrote my colossal {and most popular entry} “the flickr of video” back in january 2006… interesting to read it now and see that {as usual} i was dead on the money. after all my research vimeo was the place to be.
and that’s where i’ve camped ever since.

now according to wikipedia:
“Vimeo is a video-centric social network site. The site supports embedding, sharing, long-term video storage, and allows user-commenting on each video page.
The main difference between the site and other competing video sharing services such as YouTube is that Vimeo allows only user-created videos, of a “friends and family” nature. No pornography, TV shows, music videos, movies or anything not created by the user can be uploaded. Vimeo has gained a reputation[1] as catering to a high end, artistic crowd because of its higher bitrate, resolution and HD support.”

my low down about it:
vimeo is in it’s 5th version now and it is a marvel of modern science.
first to remember is that – at the moment it’s all free. a “pro” version is supposed to emerge sometime this year… we’ll see…
let’s have a wander through some screen shots and see what all the fuss is about.
here is the vimeo homepage you will see if you are not logged in / new. YES it’s a bit cutesy/smug with it’s “you’re new aren’t you?” line- and it has the little video from a very talented lady explaining why she loves it. but, if you don’t mind that design and vibe, cool – sign up. if it turns your stomach, move along…

here is the welcome screen once you log in- the major stats are all reported to you in the opening statement, including how much space you have left for the week & some news {i should mention every user get’s 250MB a week to upload, because i was part of a special beta tester group i got a stack more space} – there is new welcome screen coming soon… more about that later- so you have all the latest info at your finger tips there.

next is the profile page, here is a snap of mine – you can put as much or as little personal info as you like, and the “love and kisses” section on the left under my logo is totally customisable {more about that later too}

ok so below is a video’s page- you get a nice clean interface, nice big video, clean comments and credits under it and in the lower right all the stats – too awesome. – note this is another brilliant video from my favourite jake & amir

and lastly here is one of the coolest new features “channels” – these are totally customisable by the creators, and anyone can make unlimited channels, the screenshot below is one i made for all my blackstump music festival videos.

this also leads me nicely to all the whole “customisable” aspect to vimeo and also the amazing amount of innovative new features and tweaks they are constantly rolling out. they are really trying to create the BEST video storage and sharing site and every aspect of the site, from the community to the technology is super positive and advanced… – here is a shot of how you can tweak parts of your own channel-

on a side note-

the founder and pretty much creator of Vimeo back in 2004 was the very talented Jakob Lodwick, here’s his profile page on vimeo:

you can check jakob’s tumble log &his flickr account too, i’ve always found jakob to be a cool guy, up until recently he has always responded to my emails, messages and notes in a really friendly personable manner, i even sent him a thankyou card last year to which he responded to in a very friendly way, as always. jakob really has been the face and driving personality of vimeo, he has been vimeo’s Don Quixote ragtag champion… hey he might come across a spoilt rich kid in new york that is a little crazy and a little too self aware, but he’s our Jakob!

anyway, november 2007, jakob left/was booted from the company behind Vimeo and he is now starting something new with the dude from Tumblr that has something to do with music.
he’s also had a very public relationship with a new york “internet celeb” Julia Allison, very much in love and everywhere and then a big messy online break up… they had a blog together: and it’s a weird world they live in…
if you want to really sink your teeth into the strangeness that has become Jakob & Julia’s life smeared all over the internet you can check out – valleywag’s take on itgawker’s lapping it up – or even 1938 media’s crazy spin… but i warn you, you will probably need a wash in a mountain stream far away from a computer by the end of it….
i say all of that to bring me to this point-
to a bunch of us “old school” vimeo users Jakob = Vimeo, and we are really starting out 2008 with a whole new vimeo! it is awesome! use it!

*and to Jakob- you are cool man, thank you so much for vimeo, you can be proud you created one of the greatest websites ever. i just hope you continue to be a part of it all! and come down under here for a break, get away from the circus that is new york!

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