SUPERNATURAL – the journey begins.

OK – so i’ve waited a decade to finally start on this TV Show. I have always known that it would be something the 16 year old me would have loved – problem was it launched in my 30′s when i was busy building family, moving states and building businesses….
Now i’m 43 and it’s a new year and i feel like starting something i’ve always wanted to do…. something the X-file loving “Strange Stories, Amazing Facts” reading, “Mysteries of the Unexplained” studying, Chick Tract collecting and horror movie watching teenager i was {still am down deep?} would have LOVED.
So let the bells ring: DJ Paine has begun the Supernatural TV Series.

God is Cool

And now a friendly message from my 8 year old son @galvinpaine – this is a school art project that he brought home where he could come up with any cool slogan or message he wanted to…. ahhhhhh Galvin boy, the friendly neighbourhood theologian. #god #cool #art #blue (at The Brothers Paine)

i just found this message from years ago….

“Hey DJ.
Thanks for all of your support thus far with our app, Hipstamatic. Today we are super stoked to announce the release of SwankoLab, a brand new darkroom kit for iPhone. It’s a loving recreation of the pre-digital era classic. Choose chemicals, process photos, and experiment!
Below is a promocode to download and check it out. 

Later this afternoon on there will be a tweetblast happening for people to win an iPad. The SwankoLab tweetblast will start this afternoon and run until 11:59CST Sunday, April 11.

Cheers.Lucas & Ryan @ SwankoLab”

ahhhhhh the good old days when Lucas and Ryan were Hipstamatic…