djp podcast 03: podcast freak i listen to a lot of podcasts…how about you? BELOW is the complete list of ALL podcasts as of 2007- embarrassing ones included! phew! podcasts shows i subscribe to through iTunes i listen to a LOT of these new-fangled “podcasts” and sometimes i even watch some of these video ones […]

djp podcast 02: the device… been playing alot with that device we all love to hate and hate to love, but most of us can’t live without… the mobile phone. my original mobile was in 1993 /1994 – the motorala BRICK. now we’ve all got sony ericsson k800’s:the sony ericcson k800i page do a search of all […]

DJP PODCAST 00 sound the alarms, ring the bells, set off the fireworks….all your dreams have come true!here it is.the intro djp podcast. whooo hooo! on this special “pre-episode” i introduce you to a little bit of me and the exciting world of the djp podcast.most of the intro can be seen or fleshed out […]