deciding on the GTD tool…

as a total newcomer to all things “Getting Things Done” –
and as someone who likes to do a bit of researching into stuff-
i have been bamboozled by the amount of GTD information is out there.
the overwhelming problem –for me at this beginner stage– is with a lot of the writers assumption that you have been down with the programme for years and know the content back to front… {like say merlin mann}
now i know that all this amazing information will be great in a few weeks, months, years, but right now i am just looking for the simple help.

in the same light i am looking for a simple application that will help with the GTD process. there is about 247 “solutions” out there, some are online versions, others offline, most for windows, and some good ones for my apple mac world. trying to winnow out the wheat from the chaff with these app’s is tricky.
some cost big bucks {big bucks for a broke photographer like me} others are free. some look like it will take weeks just to learn how to use the app, others look even harder!

my man Aaron, is basically the opposite as me in his needs with this, he is a windows PC man who is looking for an online solution, and the last we talked i think he has found his solution.

as for me: i don’t want to have any “coding/scripting/nerd” skills required to understand the app – i just want a streamlined, simple to use, free or cheap as free, GTD processing machine.

i am the hunter.