star wars video diary number one what order do you do? thoughts? the right order of star wars…. {note the opening line of drummond is a line from Yo Gabba Gabba}

ok… i’m excited.

the fourth “Raiders/Indy” film has a title:

the films IMDB page.

if magazine article.

devouring stories of ghosts, mysteries, folk lore and stuff, i’ve heard and read about the mystery of the crystal skulls – for all those uninitiated you can check it here – and that’s what made the Raiders/Indy films so good, they had that kooky dark side vibe. i loved the fact that the supernatural side of the world was presented as real in Indy’s universe. so now with that new title, this fourth film may really have that much loved vibe!
not to mention it has all the people that made the first three awesome + Cate Blanchett. woot!

filmspotting; end of an era

one of my all time favourite podcasts is “FILMSPOTTING” – a weekly movie/film podcast from Chicago hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Sam Van Hallgren. i’ve been listening since the very beginning- march 2005 – back then the show was called “Cinecast” but a they changed the name in may 2006 because of a company already having that name {i like the name change}. more about filmspotting here.
anyway, this show with adam and sam has been a GOOG FRIEND to me since march 2005, and my favourite of the two hosts is Sam, over the period of the show, we have seen him go from unemployed and single to working in radio & married. he is a great personality. and i love the fact that i either agree with his reviews 100% or disagree with crazy views 100%, nothing in between.
anyway in the latest show {episode 174} Sam announced his retirement from the show… boo hoo! Adam will continue the show with the very competent contributer Matty Ballgame, and i will keep listening and enjoying the show, but Sam will be sorely missed! sorely missed….
{in the photo above sam is the dude in the orange}

a fun “100 films” list tired of all those intellectual “top 100 films” lists by all those know it all critics?me is a “100 films” list i really dug-i actually guessed MOST of the movies on my first watch through, see how you go: