POWNCE – the “epic fail”?

i love the POWNCE network of people. i have found it to be a great community of mostly really interesting people. i have two free accounts on pownce that i like to use – one for djp photography & one for mustard empire – i use my djp account the most, i love to post new pictures, setting up friends groups, posting some pictures just to people who are more friendly etc. i have my awesome ping.fm account set up to update my pownce/djp account and that works great for simple status update style bits… also i love pimping some of my favourite music on the mustard account, and getting into interesting discussions about the music etc… awesome.
according to the super brains at pownce war i am the number 5 powncer in the universe, check it-

and check the top 10 here.

BUT! there is some SERIOUS trouble in paradise.

about a month ago i satrted getting some serious issues logging into my pownce accounts. i went to one of the greatest ideas on the interwebs: get satasfaction, and started a discussion:

“i am on a mac and have the same problem in both safari & firefox. if i am not logged in to Pownce i can go to pownce and surf around no problems, i can even go to my own pownce profile page and look around no problems. i can create a dummy account and then sign in and be fine. no problems. but as soon as i sign in to my REAL ACCOUNT then i cannot get into my pownce. once i sign in i can view other people’s pownce accounts but i CANNOT get into mine. HELP ME! this is severely annoying. my awesome pownce account is http://pownce.com/djp

then from the pownce community manager Ariel i got this: “Just a quick update – we’re still looking into these isolated issues. In the meantime, if you want to create a new Pownce account, I can transfer your username to it afterwards. Let me know.”

well of course i didn’t want that so Ariel went on to say:

“Can you try logging in on a different system (e.g. different network/computer)? If not, I would need permission from you to login and test your account. We’re wondering if this is potentially a problem w/ the network or computer you’re using due to the browser errors you’re encountering and the sporadic nature of it. Any additional details help – thanks!”

i was up for them to log in and see what the problem was… so i gave permission. Ariel and the pownce team tested and here’s the reply.

“The issue seems to be caused by the fact that you’re a fan of an unusually large amount of people (DJ Paine, you’re a fan of 6,872 people and friends with 2,878 people). Unfortunately, it’s difficult for us to make the site perform for people who are a fan of such a large amount of users. In order to make your accounts accessible again, you can login (in which you might encounter the white screen) and then navigate to http://pownce.com/djp/fan_of and cancel some of your friend requests. We’re very sorry for this and we hope to be able to accommodate these types of situations in the future.”

woah woah woah! i had some questions:

“ariel, how many people can i be a fan of? what is the sweet spot?
and when is this going to change? if ever? i like being fans of lots of people!”

she relied:

” This is really a trial and error and it depends on the quantity of notes coming in to your home page more than how many people you follow. I’m *guessing* that following more than 500 people will start to slow the page down….. No current timeline on when this will change. We’re always working on improving the speed of the site, but this typically requires long-term work. Apologies for the tediousness of the process!”

so i went and had a good look at all those people i was fans of and i realized that 90% never post anything, they don’t use pownce. so ok, i’ll get rid of them! away with all those people i am a fan of! {on pownce you remain someones “fan” when you friend request them and they do nothing or deny you – that’s why interweb celeb kevin rose has 15,623 fans and a didly 132 friends…} to see who YOU are a fan of on pownce go to www.pownce.com/YOUR USER NAME/fan_of/ – once there you can see a list of people and the “cancel request” button it looks like this:now how easy is it to do a mass cancel of people you are fans of? let’s take a look {excuse the voice}

thursday 24th juky 2008 – POWNCE FAIL from djp on Vimeo.


now mind you, i WAS a fan of 6,872 people and as you can see from the video above i have now go it down to 4,860. it has taken me days of mindless clicking to do that {i’ll watch a video podcast or a movie on the imac at night while i click on the pownce page to one side… yeah i know what you’re thinking; dj paine you know how to live it up!}.

i’ll end this blog entry with a few points i’ve gleaned from this experience:

1} be careful of “social networks” that keep people you want to “friend” as people you are fans of – this whole concept sucks big time. friends and fans and all those words are stupid.

2} if you are planning on building a social network {why bother?} please do not cripple users for really using your site.

3} pownce team – fix this. or at least make a mass delete button or something!!!

EDIT / UPDATE – for those interested… other people are having this issue, big time:

Thomas Hawk talks about it here and here.

A lot of people chime in here.

DIGG this story here.

my current internet situation

{note: this is pretty much for my own records and my own reference}

my internet tube provider is a local gold coast mob:
On The Net

my current plan with them is the
ATF24000C Turbo Pers ADSL 24000/1000 – 12/23Gb Cap
Total Monthly Downloads/incoming = 35GB
Peak 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday = 12GB
Off-Peak is all other times = 23GB
{no charge for uploading/outgoing}
Monthly Access Fee = $69 plastic australian dollars.
{that’s $63.96 US dollars or “greenbacks” as those yankie devils call it}
and it’s a 12 month contract.

so that breaks down for my daily usage as {roughly}
between 7 and 7 weekdays is 385MB a day
off peak – is 742MB a day
i got a gig a day in downloads…

as far as speed goes, i’m pretty much near the fastest speeds available to the public in australia.
“ADSL 2″

upload speed is between 600 and 700 Kbps

download is between 6000 and 8300 Kbps

trying out the flock browser

i’ve kept an eye on the FLOCK internet browser for a while now- here’s what wikipedia says about it:

Flock is a web browser heavily based upon Mozilla Firefox. Flock’s creators call it a “social browser”, due to its ability to interact with popular social networking web services. Such web services includeFlickrFacebookYouTubeDel.icio.usTechnorati, and various popular blogging and news aggregation services.

i’ve tried it now and then and seen a few people i know swear by it {like james}. i haven’t had any good experiences with it previously, and i’m not a firefox fanboy. {in fact i just realized that i haven’t used firefox in the 3 months since i got the new iMac…. but does camino count?} i’ve been really happy with apple’s Safari on my new iMac, except for the recent RSS bugginess in Safari, it’s been really fast and snappy.
But i’m gonna try this new Flock browser for a while – in fact i’m blogging from the flock blog post feature now… if anyone has some amazing Flock tips, drop me a line… i’ll keep ya posted.

{note –  i lasted a week and then ditched it}