in love with: part one:

i have started out 2008 thinking there is nothing new under the electronic sun… and lamenting that new, fun discoveries for great web services and interesting apps were going to be few and fare between in this new year… and then, in 60’s batman fashion i get a WHAMMO! and find a handful of AWESOME new apps/ sites/ stuff that i am immediately in love with… useful, fun, innovative, clean & free… i’ll post the best ones here over the next few days… and who knows, i might even do a podcast about it soon! a djp oneor even a mustard flava one with the boys!

anyway the first awesome new tech thang for 2008:
according to the site: “Our Mission: thesixtyone is a music discovery game that rewards those who help others listen to good new music. Any artist can add their music to thesixtyone in a process that’s fast and simple.”
sounds dumb, but is excellent and the overall quality of the music i’ve discovered in the last few days has been great. basically you sign up and start listening to songs you’ve never heard before. if you are the type {which i am} you can “bump” songs, get points, discover new songs, etc etc… 
here is the main screen once you’ve signed in- it has a list of what’s “hot” in the centre, genre list on the left, and new stuff on the right.

three little features that i dug straight away:
>it plays the song in the top menu bar and you can pretty much click on any link on the site, go anywhere on the site and the song keeps playing without skipping a beat.
>it has little pop up messages on the site, sorta like pop-up video on VH-1. the messages might give you facts about the song you are listening to or about new points you’ve earned, or warnings, it’s cool with out being annoyingly cute.
>it links to youtube video clips in each song in real nice way…

and if you are into the “bumping” thing, here is what that looks like when listening to the new stuff on “the rack” {sounds dumb and confusing, but trust me, it’s cool!}

and finally here are some artists and tracks i’ve been bumping {literally!}
Iron And Wine
Obadiah Parker
coconut records
another robot sunset
Paul Dateh

so come and hit me up!

djp podcast 09: oakbridge interview for this 9th podcast i bring you a special interview with my man Oakbridge, hip-hopper & mate from Sydney Australia. we were in the car on the way to the airport, returning from my trip to blackstump. {more about blackstump later} you can check out the australian hip-hop church KROSSWERDZ here. […]

this time of year…

it’s the last week of september – first few days of october….
that time of year again.
this time of year always seem to fly by, stumble over, collapse like a row of dominoes. and it’s mostly due to the blackstump music festival.
here’s the festival’s website.
here’s the festival’s wikipedia entry.
i love this festival. it’s like a family reunion every year. and it’s become one of the most important dates on the “aussie christian hip-hoppers” calendar. we’ve had some fun times with them. and by fun times i mean, real fun times and real not fun times. but all in all, it’s a great weekend.
it just takes up so much of my late september, and early october.
so tomorrow i fly out in the morning – thursday 27th september- to Sydney and i get back on the Gold Coast late tuesday 2nd october. and here are some of the things on the agenda:
– catch up with Wizdm and talk about releasing his second solo album on mustard.
– catch up with the hoodsta kidd, see where his solo album is at.
– organize blackstump acts for friday night, sunday morning & sunday night.
– help out with all things from krosswerdz and the service in sydney on saturday night.
– meet with the NSW bible society about the australian hip-hop bible.
– try and meet with the team behind
– take some family pictures/ do some sittings.
– maybe do a story for a music magazine on the krosswerdz scene.
– plus oodles of catching up.

i’ll try and blog some pictures and stuff.

and it’s that weird djp condition of simultaneously looking forward to something and looking forward to it being finished.

it’s gonna be fun, i’ll just miss b & the boys too much.
{drummond told me today “when i’m a bigger boy i’ll come with you and help you daddy, i’ll come with you on the plane and go to blackstump.” he had such a perfect earnestness combined with a matter of factness that almost made me cry…}

djp podcast 06: we’ve moved at last. it’s been about 3 weeks since episode 5… sorry for the delay… ’cause i know all 8 of you listening want these BAD! ha. we moved!sorry about the street traffic rumble! anyone got any solutions? i realized that i shouldn’t record at 4:45 in the afternoon… maybe i’ll […]

sydney trip july 2007 it’s late at night sunday and i’m at the end of this sydney trip. it’s been productive, fun and short. i’ll be telling you more about it soon, in the meantime here is a taste of the upcoming images from the MISTERY solo album shoot…

heading south

in about 7 hours or so i’ll get up {around 6am} and climb in the trusty old station wagon and drive down south solo….
i’ll do the 10 or 12 hours behind the wheel and get to sydney.
i’ll be in and around sydney for the weekend.
doing a shoot for the mistery solo album.
doing a shoot for the wizdm solo album.
doing a lovely family shoot.
speaking at krosswerdz hip-hop church.
catching up with the blackstump team.
going to Dominic Kelsall’s 30th birthday.
catching up with lots of good friends, doing business and picking up a set of post office boxes that i scored a while ago and have been sitting in wizdm’s garage.
{main reason i am taking the expensive way & driving down}

i have made the trip from the gold coast to sydney so many times i couldn’t count it.
and a lot of those trips have been solo trips.
i think this trip will be my last ever solo trip.
i usually fly and hire a car, {the only way to do it, also the cheapest} but also there is the family factor, and any big trips in the future will be family trips and holidays…
so here’s to what i hope will be my last ever solo road trip!
{i’ll try and update from the trip, at the very least there will be some twitter updates!}