The real cost of being a member of the AIPP.

Now let me start by saying i have become a vocal supporter of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and i plan on joining the AIPP in 2012. It is this decision to join that has instigated me doing my homework on what it actually costs. At the recent PMA event in Sydney where the Australian Professional Photography Awards were held i went up to at least a dozen AIPP members and asked “What is the real actual costs of being a member of the AIPP for a year?” all of them answered with “Around $450 a year or so.” I realised that like most photographers they are kidding themselves about the actual costs of running a business. {now hopefully that’s because they are making so much money that they have someone do it for them, but more than likely they are telling themselves and others that it is “only” blah blah blah}

Let me also preface the following with that i am not saying it is expensive or cheap, i am just saying that this is what it costs.

This is what i want out of it: To enter both the state and national awards, to go to the judging and to go to the two biggest events of the year; “The Nikon Event” & “The Hair Of The Dog”….

so here is DJ Paine’s working out of the real cost of joining the AIPP

please let me know where i have got it wrong or right!

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a full accredited member
$550 for the first year.

Entering everything you can {except for the art category}
$300 for up to twelve prints.
$95 for two books in the Photographic Book Category
$65 for the Wedding Album of the Year Category
$350 – rough figure for printing & posting
 $810 for the state awards

printing: $100
matting: $40
discs etc: $20
entry $230
entry two videos $130
Print Case $125
P+H $30
 TOTAL $675

I am in QLD so to head down to the judging & awards in Melbourne or Sydney for three days:
flights $230
room – $300
food & drinks $240
travel – $30
TOTAL $800

TOTAL of both entering and attending – $1475

The major “Nikon Event” {usually not in my backyard}
Ticket for the three day event AIPP Member price – $650
flights $230
room – $300
food & drinks $240
travel – $30
TOTAL $1450

The Hair Of The Dog
This IS in my backyard – Brisbane.

Ticket for the three day event AIPP Member price – $350

Travel -$120

Food – $130

TOTAL – $600



note: i have not added in the tickets for parties, award ceremonies etc.. 

please let me know where i have got it wrong or right!

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today was the day for good sentiments

check out this trifecta of love i got today… three wonderful gifts to me over three different platforms…

story one: i saw a lovely couple at the studio today about photographing their wedding in January 2012. Their names are Marty & Anna. We had a great two hour chat about life and love and their wedding. After they left Marty the groom to be sent me a sneaky text message: “perfect perfect perfect” says Anna… Just thought you’d like to know"

story two: on this past saturday i photographed a special wedding up north in Peachester in the Glass Mountains / Sunshine Coast. i asked my new friend and great photographer Matilda “Tilly" Breezley to come and second shoot / assist / play with me and the wedding party – we had a good time and she was a pleasure to hang out with… today she sent me this message over email: "I must say, after six years of business and four years shooting weddings, that I have never worked with a more professional photographer. You are relaxed and easy going and your style is classic! It was a privilege to work with you DJ. ”

story three: as you may know i have finally begun to announce that i am doing a 365 photo a day project this year. today in my Facebook inbox i had a personal message from a dear creative lady who i had the pleasure to photograph on her wedding day in Melbourne quite a few years ago. her is what she said: “sometimes you inspire me too much… loved your photo of miss b… and loved the family picnic shot in Jan ‘11… ps. i love the sky too”

i replied a sincere thanks and she replied with: “I just think that I needed to tell you b/c I often look up your multiple websites to cheer me up from time to time…I just find your work so inspirational and I just thought I should let you know…”

ahhhh….. it’s gonna be a good year