long time no post… what can i say i’ve been crazy busy!

but let’s cut to the chase: BACK UP.
Backing Up Your Mac’s….

here is what i have:

Righteo! Hard Drives. at the moment you can get one TeraByte drives for $99 Australian from the mighty nerd store Umart
i have about 9 drives- 3 of them are what i call “master” drives that are kept here in the office, 3 of them are copies of those masters that are kept here in the office, and finally 3 of them are copies as well but are kept in a pelican case offsite {at my parent’s place to be exact}.
my drives are all “naked” off the shelf “internal” sata drives {i prefer silent samsung drives} – i do not have enclosures on them. instead i use a hard drive dock. at the moment i have a DUAL dock from vantec {once again from umart}

i also back up some “important” jobs to DVD {weddings}, but i am trying to totally ween myself off this practise… they take up too much space and are a total hassle to catalogue… but i’ll probably keep doing it for now.

CLOUD Back Up:
i have decided to go with BACKBLAZE for my online no brainer back up. Don’t be put off {like i was} with the stupid “i’m so confident in my online back up i can set fire to this 20 year old laptap i found at the tip” video they have on the front page. here’s the deal: it works with Snow Leopard, it also backs up my external drives and it’s cheap. if you want to use them use the coupon code “online10″ for 10% off – so that works out to a total of $45 a year for unlimited online backup.

i also use DROPBOX for another type of online back up. it’s what i call online backup and synching, and it rocks the casbah like nobodies business! The great news is that you can use dropbox 100% for free for up to 2 gig, if you have friends who might use it, refer them and you get more space for free! SO PEASE SIGN UP USING THIS LINK:
anyway, you download dropbox to all your machines, sign up for an account and then on each machine you have a Dropbox folder, and whatever is in this folder is synched over all of your machines over the internet.
The files are in the folder are downloaded onto each machine, so you have a local copy of everything, as well as a copy on dropbox online. This is perfect if you have any apps like 1Password or Things that you want to synch over multiple machines, just place the app’s library/background goodness onto your dropbox and booyeah you have the app synched over the machines. i LOVE ME SOME DROPBOX. been a big fan of these guys since they started, seriously check out their tour and then sign up using me as a referal so i can get more space to back up my Chick Tract collectable list.
anyway – check their awesome tour here

i also back up a LOT of personal photographs on my pro accounts at ZOOOMR & FLICKR – i set them as private so only i can see and download them.
i do the same with video on my pro/plus account at VIMEO

so there ya go. anything i’m missing? what are you doing? let me know!

this is my three boys in our old 50’s bathroom, enjoying one of their favourite pastimes together… left to right > 3 year old Galvin > 9 month old Judah > 5 year old Drummond.

attention photographers: competition boxes are a legit way to get new leads for your business. but this is NOT how to have your competition boxes out in public. in a greasy cheap, but family friendly burger place, next to the bin, with a sassy icky picture on it….  fail.