the dj paine show 00 – introduction i am back in the land of the “podcasting”! here is a 10  minute introduction to the all new “the dj paine show“. i lay out an overview of who i am, my brief history of podcasting, what i hope this new show will be, sneak peaks of […]

djp podcast 06: we’ve moved at last. it’s been about 3 weeks since episode 5… sorry for the delay… ’cause i know all 8 of you listening want these BAD! ha. we moved!sorry about the street traffic rumble! anyone got any solutions? i realized that i shouldn’t record at 4:45 in the afternoon… maybe i’ll […]

djp podcast 05: the blahs & sons of korah hope you’re not expecting the big happy djp today…feeling sorta “blah” this afternoon…. so why not talk about that? i also leave you with a full song from the unique band and good friends sons of korah – the lyrics from the song come from the book of Psalms, […]

djp podcast 03: podcast freak i listen to a lot of podcasts…how about you? BELOW is the complete list of ALL podcasts as of 2007- embarrassing ones included! phew! podcasts shows i subscribe to through iTunes i listen to a LOT of these new-fangled “podcasts” and sometimes i even watch some of these video ones […]